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The Hamboners from the 7 th Ward on Ted Mack Amatuer Hour – 1954. Joseph

“Joe” Jackson, Warren “Warrenie” Hyson, Lewis “Candino” Wilson and Charles

“Chuckie” Simms.

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Our Mission Leaders


Our mission leaders are made up of a group of retired professionals, including a senior pastor, a school district administrator, a retired professor, a retired police officer, and others.

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Our Mission


To establish historical pathways to the future by building our connections to the past. Focusing on the years from 1930 - 1980, current and former residents of this culturally diverse section of Lancaster city will have an opportunity to share their stories and experiences which contributed to this rich and vibrant community during this time frame.

Our History


Our purpose through the Discovering Our Treasures project is to share actual stories from people who have overcome many challenges to lead responsible and productive lives. Our goal is to provide our audience with potential role models and realistic strategies for a meaningful and purpose driven life. 

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